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Bring Club Sign Me Up to Your School!

After-School Program

We offer a once-a-week,after-school program that teaches students American Sign Language and Deaf culture! ASL is the fourth ,most common language in the U.S. Students will study signs, practicing the sentences, and play games that reinforce the new words. 



There is no cost to the school. Registration fees are covered by parents or guardians or sponsored by the PTO. We only ask for an area to meet and, if required, a faculty sponsor. We even provide the textbook! Basic membership dues for the full school year are $225 plus the cost of having one of your teacher's attend/sponsor meetings. Dues cover the cost of sending one of our trained instructors to lead the weekly meetings, our curriculum, and the textbook. We do not offer transportation. Read more under "About."


Club Size

Clubs are restricted to a 10 member minimum and 15 member maximum. This is to ensure each member gets one-on-one time with one of our knowledgeable staff.


Give us a call:


Interested in starting Club Sign Me Up at your school? Contact us!


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